Chitwan National Park

Tiger Tops Tharu Lodge


Rustic simplicity in the Nepalese jungle

Inspired by the longhouse style of Tharu architecture, and constructed using local materials, Tiger Tops Tharu Lodge on the edge of Chitwan National Park.

The lodge offers you a unique taste of Nepalese culture and life. You can either stay in one of the lodge's 12 rooms, or opt for one of nine safari tents. While somewhat basic (the lodge is set to be completely updated in the near future) the decades of heritage here and the long-serving team give it a wonderful atmosphere.

Take your lunch out in the tranquil garden and spend the evenings around the fire sharing your day’s adventures. Nepalese cuisine al fresco under the mango tree is a special experience.

There are a variety of exciting wildlife activities to take part in around Tharu Lodge. The park is home to some 68 species of mammals and over 500 species of birds. There are also ethically-managed encounters with the lodge's retired elephant herd - Tiger Tops were the first lodge owners to stop elephants rides in the park - and authentic cultural experiences that can be arranged from the lodge.


At a glance

  • 12 traditional rooms and nine safari style tents

  • Swimming pool

  • Restaurant

  • Bar

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    Jeep safari

    Head out on an open-topped Landrover for a jungle safari. Greater one-horned rhinos thrive in the park, often found wallowing in swamps, while tigers and wild elephants can also be spotted with a little luck.

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    Boat safari

    Take a relaxing trip down the Narayani River and keep a look out for wildlife in the water and on the river banks.

  • Tharu Lodge Chitwan walking with elephants

    Walking with elephants

    Together with the mahouts you can join a pair of Tharu's retired elephants for their daily walk through the jungle as they browse for food. An unforgettable way to explore the forest.

Community & Culture

Education in rural Nepal has for a long time been hindered by challenges related to geography, infrastructure, socio-economic status and cultural norms, all of which have seen some improvement in recent years. In a bid to help achieve the Millennium Development Goal of making primary education accessible to all, Tiger Tops supports thousands of children in rural communities. That support takes the form of providing scholarships, textbooks, uniforms and training for staff. Tiger Tops places an emphasis on respecting and helping to preserve the traditions of the local tribes, and engages the communities in social and economic empowerment projects.

Tiger Tops have been operating in Chitwan since the 1970s and they have long been seen as one of the best employers in the area, with many guides and staff a part of the team for decades.


The Tiger Tops group is seen as a leader in environmentally responsible and sustainable tourism practices. Many of their operations are in remote and often fragile protected areas which are under threat from environmental pressure and population concerns. Tiger Tops works closely with stakeholders and local communities to help protect and conserve the environment. They support a variety of philanthropic initiatives that focus on both the environment and community.

Tiger Tops are the only lodge in Nepal offering responsible elephant experiences. In 2015 they decided to stop all elephant-back safaris due to the stress it caused their herd (once the only way to explore Chitwan), instead focusing on ethical interaction with the retired animals in a way that both supports their upkeep, their mahouts' jobs, and enriches their lives. This is through daily walks in the buffer zone of the forest, joining in with harvesting grass and feeding time.


Tiger Tops has strict environmental policies in place to ensure that all of their lodges protect the environment and reduce their impact on nature. Solar power and ensuring vehicle meet emission control standards and just two of the ways they are reducing energy use, waste and pollutants. They source produce, employ staff and outsource business as locally as possible. Their lodges are all built using local materials, and are constructed by craftsmen from the area. Incorporating indigenous motifs and products into their designs is also a priority.

An integral part of their sustainability approach is growing their own organic produce at both Tharu and Karnali lodges.

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