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Combining contemporary luxury, safety and sustainability with centuries of shipbuilding tradition, Sequoia is a handsome wooden yacht hand-built to sail Indonesia’s Coral Triangle in style.

Accommodating up to six guests in three beautiful suites, it is a fabulous private charter for families with kids, honeymooners and groups of friends. You’ll be well looked after by a crew of ten including a safari director, a dive instructor, and a master therapist, with a private chef serving the finest locally sourced seasonal ingredients in the spectacular great room, al fresco out on the sky deck, or on any number of beautiful island beach settings.

Sequoia plies the waters between some 17,000 islands – such as those of Komodo, Raja Ampat and Papua – each day you can dive and snorkel on the richest reefs on earth, kayak and paddleboard across turquoise lagoons, hike to meet local tribes or kick back on your own stretch of sand.


At a glance

  • Three suites

  • Crew of ten

  • Two tenders

  • Dive centre, kayaks, paddle boards and more

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    The marine biodiversity in the Coral Triangle is astounding. Named for its staggering number of corals (nearly 600 different species of reef-building corals alone), the region nurtures six of the world’s seven marine turtle species and more than 2000 species of reef fish.

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    Indonesian scuba diving has gained a reputation as being amongst the finest in the world. With a PADI-certified dive instructor and dive master, and onboard dive centre, your underwater adventure will be safe and unforgettable with dive courses up to Advanced level.

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    Island hopping

    The Coral Triangle is comprised of thousands of magical Islands each unique in terms of landscapes and culture. We will tailor your island adventure to include activities such as hiking, treks up a volcano, birding, dragon spotting, finding a beach for yourself, meeting local tribes and visiting markets.

Community & Culture

Sequoia celebrates the diversity of Indonesia by exclusively employing local talent. As a female Sumatera Indonesian led company, they are also sensitive to gender equality.

The ship itself was built in Celebes, Indonesia, bringing together generations of traditional craftsmanship. Through partnerships with fishermen, farmers, foragers, and food artisans, Sequoia only sources the finest local ingredients in a way that also benefit the communities where it sails.

Sequoia encourages those who would like to join the aboriginal Eastern Indonesia islanders in celebrating their customs and traditions including tribal ceremonies. This action will help to sustain their cultural heritage. Furthermore, Sequoia contributes to relief efforts to help islanders offset their living costs as well as providing educational supplies.


Sailing in the marine parks generates revenue for wildlife conservation efforts with park fees and private donations funding local rangers to patrol the parks from poaching and illegal fishing as well as marine conservation.


Acutely aware of the incredible and delicate ecosystems in which it operates, sustainability has always been part of Sequoia’s mission since its keel was laid. Completed in 2017, she utilizes the low emission marine engines and advanced technology to significantly reduce its carbon footprint. Sequoia also offsets its carbon and activities with a carbon-neutral scheme.

Sequoia sources responsibly, purchasing only from partners who support sustainable farming practices. It does not use any palm oil-based products and there is a 'no single-use plastic' policy on board. Freshwater is made onboard using reverse osmosis and organic and nonorganic waste is disposed of responsibly.

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