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Charlie Darlington

Travel Researcher

My real love affair with Africa (and travel) began at the age of 16 on a family trip to South Africa, where my mother had been managing an environmental research camp. We spent 3 weeks exploring Eastern South Africa and I fell in love with the wildlife, people and awe-inspiring sunsets.

Between my undergraduate (BSc Social Sciences) and postgrad (MA War & Human Rights Journalism) I spent 5 months to a WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) initiative in rural Tanzania. Living in a weathered Army tent in a dusty school playground, alongside both British and Tanzanian teammates, the African love-affair continued.

Besides Africa and nature, my other big love is horses. Combing all three passions, at the end of 2021, I decided I needed a change from my career in charity communications, so I left everything and moved to Botswana to work for a horseback safari in the Okavango Delta. There I had the incredible opportunity to learn about the wildlife and immerse myself in the rich cultural experiences of the bush! This was followed by 3 months (also on horseback) in the Blueridge Mountains in Virginia, USA, before I returned home and joined team Niarra in March 2023.

I’m a bit of a nature-nerd who can recite almost every single Attenborough documentary, influenced by my parents who hoiked me and my brothers round every RSPB nature reserve, every National Trust property, every lake/mountain/woodland they could find.

Outside of Africa, I’ve spent time travelling in Japan, Australia, New-Zealand, Fiji, the US and throughout Europe – happiest when exploring on the back of a horse!

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