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Tips For Making Incredible Memories When Travelling as a Family

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Family travel makes up for 30% of all tourism trips abroad, and there is little wonder as to why. A family trip to a foreign land is a thrilling and fun-filled experience for all the family, helping to strengthen bonds and create unforgettable memories to treasure for a lifetime. But executing the perfect trip can prove a challenge. Expectations can run high and the pressure to ensure that everything goes swimmingly can lead to you forgetting the most important part - making magical memories with your loved ones.

When it comes to luxury family trips, we have it down to a fine art at Niarra. You may be looking to explore the colourful rainforests of Latin America or take a group safari tour across the ranges of Africa. Wherever your next family adventure lies, here are our tips on how to make incredible family memories travelling abroad, and some of the locations that are most likely to prove the ideal destination based on what you are seeking from your once in a lifetime trip.

Family on a guided African walking safari, creating family memories.

Experience the wonders of nature together

Exploring the great outdoors and all the wonders it has to behold will create unforgettable memories for you on your next family trip. Time spent immersed in the beauty of nature, away from modern distractions, will give you a newfound sense of appreciation for each other's company. And, given the array of natural wonders on offer when exploring our planet, you are sure to find a location that ticks the right boxes for everyone in the family.

Family exploring the lush Costa Rican jungle

For budding young explorers, what better way to experience what nature has to offer than exploring the pristine jungles of Costa Rica as part of our conservation and culture trip. Alternatively, a conservation-focused family safari to the Galapagos Islands and the chance to see the awe inspiring array of genuinely unique species that call these islets home will no doubt leave you and your family spellbound.

Take part in once in a lifetime adventure

Nothing creates more lasting memories than getting out of your comfort zone and taking part in a once in a lifetime travel activity all together. When it comes to experiencing such an activity, travelling families have a few options to choose from.

Safaris through the African bush are one activity that has to be seen to truly be believed. Hear the thundering of hooves of a herd on the move and the roar of the local big cats as you answer the call of the wild on a luxury African safari. Few family-friendly holiday activities make more of an impact on your family than overlooking a herd of elephants grazing by the water’s edge or a pride of lions tending to their young clubs, regardless of their age and travel experience.

Family observing a herd of elephants

An alternative wildlife-themed family holiday activity may come in the form of a rewilding trip. Rewilding trips are the very definition of conservation travel experiences. These trips focus on making a difference during your travels - combining the fascination of wildlife encounters, interacting with different cultures and a valuable lesson learnt by everyone involved. From the rugged grandeur of the Scottish highlands to the dense canopy of the Amazon rainforest, rewilding trips give your family trip extra meaning.

Immerse yourself in local culture

Spending quality time with your family as you learn about new cultures and customs is an incredibly enriching experience. One that connects you much more deeply to the country you have chosen to visit. Discovering more about the history of a place and its local people will open up your heart and mind. Plus it's an unrivalled educational experience for the younger members of your family.

For those seeking an authentic local experience then our family adventure in Kenya trip is the ideal get away. Based out of a charming family cottage you will be able to traverse the legendary Maasai Mara with your own Maasai guide.

Get off the beaten track

When pondering on how to make incredible family memories travelling abroad, taking the road less travelled is where the most unique memories are made.

Destinations teeming with crowds of impatient tourists are sure to leave seasoned travellers and relative newcomers feeling relatively underwhelmed. For a far more wondrous family travel experience, it is best to venture into the unknown. Escape the tourist traps and discover peace and quiet amid tranquil surroundings with no interruptions.

Family on a boat safari, experiencing the serene waterways of Botswana.

If you are looking to ignite your wanderlust then the untouched wilds of Botswana is a fine place to start. Our Delta and Desert Mobile Safari tour is for the most intrepid families looking for a more personal family trip. Experience nature like never before in a week long mobile safari all to yourselves.

Explore off the grid locations on a private family safari in Africa as you visit exclusive campsites out in the thick Botswana bush. Days will be spent on the lookout for an array of wildlife, with lions, elephants and African wild dogs abound. While nights are reserved for stargazing and stories round the cosy campfire as the gentle cries of the Okavango Delta fill the night air.

Plan accordingly

While spontaneity is all part of the adventure, making sure to plan ahead will protect against any unforeseen issues down the track. Travel can take its toll, particularly on the younger members of your family. So when planning your overseas expedition, remember to choose family-friendly destinations.

Taking part in a multi-generational trip, travelling with teenagers or being accompanied by very young children will all have an impact on the type of activities and accommodation, activities and transport that you decide upon. You want to ensure that everyone is accommodated to create the perfect trip and those incredible family memories.

An adrenaline-filled adventure trip is much more suited to families with older children and teenagers, while incorporating a beautiful beach escape may be the slower pace needed for families with young kids or older relatives.

Family enjoying a safari, watching wildlife together.

Lead by example

Travel has the power to transform, both the people that visit and the country itself. When wondering how to make incredible family memories travelling abroad it's important to lead by example. Inspiring your children and younger relatives to respect the countries they visit goes a long way in ensuring the places can be enjoyed by future generations.

Choosing a family trip that leaves a positive impact both on the local people and the environment will make the experience far more satisfying, and one you can be proud of for years to come.

Remember that no matter the destination you choose, being together is the most important aspect of any trip. Be grateful for each other and the time spent together and you will create memories that will be impossible to forget.

At Niarra Travel we do travel differently. We don’t just organise luxury trips but create unrivalled travel experiences for all ages to enjoy. If you are looking for a family trip that goes above the extraordinary then get in touch with our team on +44 (0) 20 3821 5994 (UK), +1 (833) 215 9353 (US), or at and begin creating your fun-filled family adventure now.

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