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Best Honeymoon Destinations in Latin America

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A honeymoon destination should enable newlyweds to experience intimacy, wonder and romance in abundance. With such a wide array of fascinating locations to choose from across the globe, from the wilds of Africa to the immutable beauty of Asia’s pristine beaches, it can be difficult to decide on one particular spot. However, there is one destination that is often incorrectly overlooked…

For couples seeking the ultimate honeymoon experience, they should look no further than Latin America. Regardless of the style of holiday you’ve dreamed up for your honeymoon, Latin America’s lush wilderness, vibrant cultures and thrilling active escapades has you covered.

The scope of possibilities for honeymoon destinations in Latin America are endless, since the region boasts an almost unparalleled diversity in landscapes, from teeming rainforests and verdant vineyards to immense fjords and colossal mountain ranges, all set against a mixture of varied eye-opening cultures.

If you are looking to book a honeymoon in Latin America, here are some of the best destinations that the region has to offer:

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Costa Rica

Costa Rica has an astonishing breadth of biodiversity, personified by the nation’s breathtaking array of natural scenery. The country is a paradise for nature lovers and a perfect backdrop for your romantic getaway. Nestled up on the banks of protected rainforests, elegant eco-lodges promise seclusion and serenity for honeymooners, where you can spend your time rejuvenating with luxurious healing treatments beneath the harmonious symphony of tropical birds.

For the adventurous vacationers, there are gorgeous canopy trails, snorkelling trips into coral reefs, kayaking excursions alongside dolphins, and hikes that end under the refreshing natural spray of a tumbling waterfall. Though, if you would rather step back from the exhilarating rush of white water rafting, you can take advantage of the incredible eco-projects that Costa Rica takes pride in by embarking on a conservation-focused holiday.

You can take a wander into the sublime Coffee Valley to learn more about the sustainable farm practices at use, or venture into Tortuguero National Park to immerse yourself into the rich mangroves harbouring raucous howler monkeys. You will also have the opportunity to witness the majesty of great blue herons, and watch green sea turtles bustle ashore to lay eggs.

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The Galapagos

If you and your partner are brimming with a passion for exploration, the Galapagos islands are calling out for you to visit. The archipelago’s otherworldly wildlife and magnificent landscapes offer up a unique opportunity to encounter hidden treasures like the hulking giant tortoise, mischievous sea lion, the piercing blue eyes of the flightless cormorant and the majestic reef shark as you travel from island to island aboard a private yacht.

You can set off into the waters to paddleboard, kayak or snorkel in the pristine ocean amongst the rapturous selection of wildlife. If you’re looking to wind down after a day of hiking or cruising, a hacienda provides the perfect luxurious sanctuary. You can take a moment together to leisurely cycle the estate, harvest cacao or delight in interesting new food tastings.

Every day beckons new experiences, from touring the spectacular lava caves to embarking on a tranquil boat trip through the clear Pacific waters. Share intimate moments on stunning secluded beaches, marvel at mesmerising sunsets and engross yourself within Darwin’s living laboratory.

A seal underwater in the Galapagos Islands


Brazil is home to a diverse crop of biomes which range from tropical savannahs to the unmissable Amazon rainforest to the striking wetlands of the Pantanal. This kaleidoscope of discovery exudes an irresistible allure that captivates newly-wed couples. Though the sun-kissed beaches sitting alongside the upbeat city of Rio, where a thriving food and dance scene resides, could be an exciting alternative for a more cosmopolitan choice.

Consider exploring a conservational touch to your honeymoon, by plunging into the world of rewilding, where you can intentionally reforest native flora species to recreate wildlife corridors. Spending precious time committed to protecting biodiversity, wildlife and culture to delve in the ethos of locality.

Traverse the mystical Amazon rainforest together, floating down a lagoon or canoeing into flooded forests and end face to face with a white-fur sloth or a black-headed squirrel monkey.

The magic of the Amazon doesn’t end with wildlife. You can meet a riverine community indigenous to the area and be taught about the natural world by researchers while enveloped in wonder together amidst the lush denseness of the forest.

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With the Andes to the east, Atacama desert to the north and Patagonia to the south, Chile delivers an impeccable selection of locations for your honeymoon destination in Latin America. Chile packs a luxury adventure that could have you bouncing from arid plains to snow-capped mountains to tropical forests that cast an enchanting spell.

Steaming geysers, otherworldly canyons and a sea of dunes are all sensational features of the dry Atacama desert, which offers an awe-inspiring backdrop for a romantic getaway, that can only topped by the unrivalled opportunity to stargaze under dazzling crystal clear skies together.

If you both feel unfulfilled by simply taking a hiking excursion around these landscapes and long to take on a bolder challenge, the Patagonian landscape is sure to provide the answer. The dream for the audacious traveller, Patagonia serves the opportunity to climb Perito Moreno Glacier, kayak around the icy lakes or horse ride with local gauchos.

For the couples who want to experience a closer link to culture without giving up adventure, the Chilean Lake District hosts quaint towns characterised by German architecture, presenting the option to bike overlooking the snow-capped Osorno volcano or kayak together on the vast expanse of the lake.

The Patagonia landscape in Chile

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