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The biggest wildlife spectacle on Earth

The Great Migration is the annual mass movement of over a million animals – mostly wildebeests, but also zebra, impala, and gazelles – on a 2900km circuit around the plains of Kenya and Tanzania, thundering from the Serengeti up to the Maasai Mara and back down again following the rains and fresh grasses.

With countless hooves thundering across the plains or crashing across rivers, as big cats and Nile crocodiles lay in wait for their time of plenty, the safari can be spectacular. A real bucket-list travel experience.

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Of all Africa's incredible wildlife experiences, nothing can compare to the sheer scale and drama of the Great Migration. It can be visceral in every sense of the word.

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Where and when is the Great Migration?

Dependent on rainfall, the timing of the migration’s movements are broadly predictable, and the herds migrate year-round, so there's always something to experience somewhere, whether it's calving en masse in the southern Serengeti in Tanzania, in immense columns marching north across the Grumeti or braving the river crossings to reach Kenya’s Maasai Mara.

The Serengeti and Mara host a wide range of accommodation options, from classic canvas camps through to incredible exclusive use lodges both in national parks and private conservancies and reserves. We’ll work with you to find somewhere that fits your taste, budget, is close to the action but away from the crowds, and that has a positive impact.

When planning your migration safari, our travel researchers call on years of experience and contacts on the ground to pick the best spots that maximise your chances of being in the heart of the action.

Where to see the Great Wildebeest Migration

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