12-day trip

A Culturally Immersive Experience in Bhutan

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An Enchanting Cultural Adventure

Take a deep dive into Bhutanese Culture with an adventure fully immersed into the lifestyle of the local people. Witness spellbinding rituals, traditions and ceremonies. Be transported to another time with fascinating stories of the famous Yeti, also known as the abominable snowman, and the local people’s interactions with this mythical creature. Participate in a variety of interactive and enlightening cultural activities from learning how to cook Bhutanese food with traditional utensils, tour local businesses and visit stunning villages steeped in history and age-old legends. Incorporating an even mix of active experiences, hike sacred pathways to incredible viewpoints, raft down serene rivers and trek to spot rare and endangered animals hidden in the untouched wilderness.


Trip highlights

  • Authentic Bhutanese food cooking lesson

  • Tour of traditional natural textile dyeing facilities

  • Helicopter excursion high over the Himalayas

  • Partaking in incredible cultural ceremonies and rituals


What's included

  • 11 nights of luxury and rustic accommodation

  • Tours, experiences and cultural activities

  • Internal flights and private transfers

  • Price per person based on four adults travelling

  • My Bhutan Bhutan 32
    Main traffic circle, Thimphu
  • My Bhutan Bhutan 34
    Old tradition farm house, Phobjikha
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    Bhutanese handmade textiles
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    Traditional Bhutanese meal in a farm home

An unforgettable trip with a positive impact

Created to maximize the benefits to people and place, while minimizing the environmental footprint.

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Start exploring

Days 1 — 2

Start in the Hub

Arrive in Paro, Bhutan’s central hub for tourism, to a glorious display of Bhutanese culture with a welcome blessing and spiritual cleansing at a heritage home or private monastery followed by a sacred song and dance ceremony. Indulge in a lunch prepared by Aum Deki, one of Paro’s best home cooks before heading off to explore Thimphu, the country’s capital and largest city. End the day with an engaging and special dinner with Dasho Tshering Dorji, former Hon’ble Secretary for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

My Bhutan Bhutan 5

Days 2 — 3

Tradition and Trek Excursion

Take the Motithang Ancient Takin Trail to Takin Preserve to meander with Bhutan’s national animal. Hike one of the most rewarding treks to Phajoding Monastery, once one of the richest and most decorated monasteries in the country, now listed as an endangered cultural monument. Attend the spiritual practice of a butter lamp offering at a nearby Monastery, representing the offering of wisdom and light to eradicate darkness and ignorance. Enjoy lunch and a friendly football game with the local Monks before joining or observing the Evening Prayer.

Takin Thimphu Bhutan
Butter Lamp offering Bhutan

Days 3 — 4

Culinary and Cultural Adventure

Hike back to Thimphu’s city centre, visit Buddha Dordenma, a 52m bronze and gold-plated Shakyamuni Buddha statue built in celebration of the 60th anniversary of the fourth King Jigme Singye Wangchuck. The statue houses over 125,000 miniature Buddhas encapsulated inside of its enlightened bronze chest, ranging from 8 to 12 inches.

My Bhutan Bhutan 6p
Buddha Dordenma Bhutan

Days 4 — 5

Ancient Wonders and Majestic River Experiences

Explore Punakha Dzong, the palace of great happiness or bliss, and the second oldest and largest dzong in Bhutan, it is one of the most majestic structures in the kingdom. Continue on to Khamsum Yuelley Monastery, a stupe overlooking the Punakha Valley, built in 2004 by the Queen of Bhutan to ward off evil spirits and provide spiritual protection, peace and harmony.

My Bhutan Bhutan 48
My Bhutan Bhutan 41

Days 5 — 7

A Royal Reception

Trek to Laya in northern Bhutan, spread out over a beautiful hillside, is one of the most remote places on the planet. Only accessibly by hike from the town of Gasa, Laya is known by locals as Baeyul meaning hidden land. This town is steeped in culture with its own language, customs, and distinct dress featuring bamboo hats and silver jewellery. Receive a royal welcome to this historical site with a royal inspired welcome ceremony performed by the local people. End the day with dinner, by light of a bonfire and dance with the local people.

My Bhutan Bhutan 25

Days 7 — 8

Yetis, Yaks and Helicopters

Start the day with a thrill, hopping on a helicopter high above the Himalayas, travelling to Merak, in the far east of the country. Almost as remote as Laya, these lands are fairly unvisited even by the Bhutanese themselves. Experience the warmest of receptions with a welcome ceremony and yak dance performed by the locals. Explore Merak village, gaining an insight into the day-to-day lifestyle of the local people, Brokpas, semi-nomadic yak herders whose ancestors migrated from Tibet centuries ago.

My Bhutan Bhutan 56

Days 8 — 9

A Wild Exploration

Accompanied by forest rangers, trek Nongchula Pass to Sakteng Village. Sakteng, meaning bamboo field, is of a unique semi nomadic lifestyle and culture with a nearby wildlife sanctuary, named after its host village. The Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary is home to snow leopards, red pandas, Him­alayan black bear, Himalayan red fox and even the mythical Yeti plus so much more.

Himalayan black bear royal manas national park bhutan
Red Panda Bhutan1

Days 9 — 10

Serene Stopover

On the way back to Paro hike and drive to Trashigang, also known as the Jewel of the East, for a serene stopover in a location steeped in history. Trashigang, meaning ‘fortress of the auspicious mountain’, is a picturesque town perched on a lofty hilltop with spectacular views of the surrounding valley above the Drangme Chhu river.

Trongs Dzong Bhutan

Days 10 — 12

Rebalancing and rejuvenating retreat

Spend your final days back in Bhutans central hub of tourism, Paro, one of the country’s widest and most historic valleys. Stay at Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary to rebalance and reconnect with a combination of traditional Bhutanese spa treatments, personalised nutritious meal plans, and activities centred in nature. Hike to Bhutan’s most famous monastery, Tiger’s Nest, explore sacred caves, meditate with local monks and relax in a traditional hot stone bath.

My Bhutan Bhutan 9

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A Culturally Immersive Experience in Bhutan
17300 PP
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A Culturally Immersive Experience in Bhutan

From 17300 PP
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