Covid Policy

Niarra Travel Covid Policy

The world changed in 2020, and travel has had to adapt to an everchanging and fast-moving situation. We are concerned not only about our travellers and their trips but also about the impact this has on people and places around the world. We understand how the pandemic has brought about uncertainty into everyone’s lives and the effect this has on your travel plans.

We are making a commitment to the lodges and our sustainable partners on the ground all around the world, as they struggle to support their staff, local communities and conservation efforts.

In the unfortunate event that your trip could be affected by the ongoing situation, please refer to our guidance below.

Bookings, an investment in the future

Here at Niarra, we want to plan for a better future, for travellers and the places that we love visiting. Over the last year or so, the world’s natural areas have lost untold millions in revenue that normally goes to things like antipoaching, community support and the livelihoods of the staff that look after the incredible places that the world needs, for relaxation, biodiversity, and the overall health of our planet.

Your booking at Niarra is a commitment to help these places once again, an investment in the future. Travel is a great distributor of wealth, and a deposit for a trip in the future is a vote of hope and great encouragement to those awaiting you at the destination. We would like you to consider your booking deposit as an investment in the future, that the lodges and destinations can rely on.

Niarra is planning to start taking bookings for the latter part of 2021 onwards, and we hope that by this time COVID will be a manageable factor in trip planning that won't affect your ability to travel.

Deferring your trip

With the above in mind, wherever our travellers can, we encourage the deferral of your arrangements, rather than the cancellation of them.

If you wish to go ahead and defer your trip, we will try our hardest to rearrange your trip for you. You may incur extra charges such as increased annual rates or due to a change in the season of travel as levied by our suppliers. We’ll be absolutely transparent and up-front with you on any change in cost.

Each of our trips is curated with you in mind. Creating the trips is what our experienced travel designers love to do but this does take time. If you are thinking of deferring your trip, please contact us at least four weeks prior to your balance being due. By doing so, you give us a reasonable timescale to work with you and our suppliers to move your arrangements.

Cancellation Policy

If you wish to cancel your trip, please refer to our standard booking terms and conditions. Your travel insurance provider will be able to provide you with further information regarding claiming for your loss.

Our cancellation policy is driven by supplier policies and enables us to fulfil our obligations to our suppliers in destination, and in turn for conservation efforts to continue.

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