Okavango Delta

Xigera Safari Camp


Heart of the Delta

Resting on the western edge of the Moremi Game Reserve, Xigera Safari Camp overlooks the expansive floodplains of the Okavango Delta. Being surrounded by the picturesque papyrus swamps and wooded islands, Xigera has the unique gift of offering remarkable experiences both on land and on the water.

The Lodge offers just 12 beautiful suites, each resting effortlessly in this wild landscape. Amid this remarkable setting, Xigera’s design is wholeheartedly dedicated to celebrating African art, design and creativity. A little further afield the Baobab Treehouse offers the experience to see Africa at its most raw, and most remarkable.

Every small detail at Xigera has been designed to enrich your stay, from the one-of-a-kind wildlife experiences to the soothing atmosphere of the lodge itself.


At a glance

  • 12 stunning suites

  • Swimming pool

  • Spa & Gym

  • Library

Family on a boat safari, experiencing the serene waterways of Botswana.


  • Family on a boat safari, experiencing the serene waterways of Botswana.

    Game Drives

    Pick between land and water - The area is renowned for its very high density of sitatunga antelope. Also known for remarkable mammal sightings including red lechwe, spotted-necked otter, elephant, buffalo, reedbuck and tsessebe Predators include lion, spotted hyaena and leopard.

  • Stargazing botswana


    On the lookout deck, there is little or no light pollution and the clear skies make for sensational viewing of the stars. The guides are well versed in pointing out interesting features of the night sky, from unique stars to the Milky Way, constellations and planets.

  • Xigera Safari Lodge helicoper

    Helicopter Tours

    A helicopter game flight will take off right from the lodge. Witness the vast expanse of this incredible ecosystem as you soar above it. You will be connected with your expert guide to ask any questions you may have about this incredible enviroment.


The lodge has partnered with Wild Entrust Africa, a Botswana-registered not-for-profit organisation that focuses on conservation and management of wildlife and wildlife habitats through applied science, education and sustainable development. The purpose of this partnership is to facilitate sustainability programmes for Xigera Safari Lodge in the Moremi Game Reserve of the Okavango Delta.

Community & Culture

Wild Entrust has been successfully working with the Habu community since 2014, running an integrated community development and conservation programme that aims to mitigate Human Wildlife Conflict and reduce bushmeat hunting in the area. The trust has been engaging primary school children to understand the value of conservation through play and sport for their future wellbeing. They also help alleviate income property amongst Habu’s women and out-of-school youth by establishing a women and youth cooperative to produce and sell high quality, organic vegetables for locals and the tourism industry, beginning with Xigera Safari Lodge.


Everything at Xigera has been designed to leave the lightest possible footprint behind. The bulk of the energy required is supplied by renewable solar energy which is supported by a new state of the art Energy Centre. The lodge hopes that the photovolatic farm will in the future be able to charge electric game drive vehicles.

Food waste is all put through the onsite composter which is then used in the garden or sent to local communities. The lodge also removed all single use plastic from the lodges operations. All water used in the lodge is purified via a state-of-the-art reverse osmosis treatment plant. The water is then re-mineralised, ensuring guests can safely drink the tap water throughout the lodge.

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