Wayo Serengeti Green Camp


Sustainable Serengeti migration experience

Wayo’s Serengeti Green Camp splits the year between two remote locations, based in the southwest from December to March to focus on the wildebeest calving season and then heading north from June to November for the migration’s Mara River crossings.

There are 10 bespoke en-suite tents, each made solely in Tanzania, with interiors carefully sourced with help of anthropologists and fresh-to-the-field designers to celebrate local skills and craftsmanship. Set on decks with panoramic netted sides, it’s a real immersion into the wild. The main mess area is a large, open-sided tent that serves as a lounge, dining room, and bar, where guests can enjoy drinks while taking in breath-taking views of the Serengeti.

Daily game drives in smaller vehicles with a light footprint are led by experienced guides allow you to explore the vast wilderness of the Serengeti in search of wildlife encounters. For a slower paced and more mindful experience, you can join walking safaris, a speciality of Wayo’s.


At a glance

  • 10 tents

  • Restaurant and bar

  • Breathtaking Serengeti views

  • Seasonal camp following The Great Migration

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  • Naabi Green Camp TZ drive

    Game drives

    Daily game drives led by experienced guides allow you to explore the vast wilderness of the Serengeti and its iconic wildlife, including lions, elephants, zebras, and wildebeest. The camp's specially adapted vehicles provide the perfect vantage point for viewing wildlife, while the knowledgeable guides share their insights about the animals and their habitat.

  • Naabi Green Camp TZ walking

    Walking safari

    For a more immersive experience, you can join walking safaris led by experienced guides. On foot, you can explore the Serengeti's rich flora and fauna up close and personal, learning about the environment and the smaller creatures that are often missed on game drives.

Community & culture

Wayo Africa strongly believes in training and employing Tanzanian people in key positions and almost all personnel at camp are Tanzanian. One of the main ways they support this is with their well-regarded guide training facility.

All the meals served use ingredients purchased from local markets, local shops and farms putting money back into local communities.


"Wayo" means footprint in Swahili, embodying an ethos of treading lightly as well as being out discovering Africa and meeting its people on foot.

Wayo's Green Camps have an incredibly light footprint operating in the most environmentally sustainable manner possible. The camp is solar powered and waste in the camp is minimised by preparing part of the meals in Arusha. There is no plastic in camp and waste is recycled or turned into compost for local farms and gardens. They are constantly aiming to improve operations and influence and educate others around us to do the same.

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