Uakari Lodge


A community-run lodge on water

Set in the remote Mamirauá Sustainable Development Reserve, a short flight and boat trip upriver from Manaus, Uakari is a simple but wonderfully located lodge created in collaboration with local communities.

The whole lodge with its five cabins (each containing two rooms), restaurant communal areas sits floating on a lagoon, connected by walkways, surrounded by the Amazon and vast swathes of seasonally flooded 'varzea' rainforest.

Join local guides and naturalists on expeditions by boat and on foot into the forest on the search for raucous birdlife, endemic primate species, river dolphins, sloths and even jaguars.


At a glance

  • Ten rooms

  • Private verandahs

  • Restaurant

One of the private lodges at Uakari Lodge in the Amazon Rainforest


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    Water activities

    With so many rivers surrounding the reserve, there’s little surprise that there are a few water-based excursions to fill your days with. Head out on a boat tour, or try your hand at paddle canoeing.

  • Jaguar lurking in the shadows of a tree in the Amazon Rainforest

    Jungle excursions

    Accompanied by a knowledgeable guide, you can go on fascinating jungle trails learning about the local flora and fauna. Discover the jungle and its secrets after dark, and go looking for nocturnal animals.

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    Wildlife sighting

    Some of the animals you can look out for include white uakari monkeys, endemic black-headed squirrel monkeys, pink and grey river dolphins, three- and two-toed sloths, 19 species of parrots and macaws, hoatzins, black caimans and arapaimas - the world's largest scaled freshwater fish.

Community & Culture

Uakari was created, after years of consultations, to support local communities in the Amazon while raising awareness for and profit from sustaining the region's rich biodiversity, becoming a model for responsible tourism in the Amazon. That the local communities who have occupied the area for generations should be the main guardians of the land is a core belief.

Uakari Lodge has two teams, one which is based in Tefé town and handles reservations and the arrivals and departures of guests, and the other which works at the lodge itself. Most of the employees come from the surrounding riverine communities, across all levels of the team, from guides to management, cooks, cleaners and janitors. The teams work in rotation, allowing them time to undertake other endeavours in addition to tourism and carry on traditional farming methods.

Direct profits from the lodge have funded community centres and the repair of local structures and community gardens.


Uakari is part of Mamiraua Institute whose mission is to conserve the biodiversity of the reserve. All of the income generated from the Mamiraua Ecotourism Project is reinvested in order to maintain this pioneer conservation project. As well as protecting the ecosystem, they support a number of conservation and research projects, for example, those focused on raising local awareness of the importance of jaguars.


Uakari has been designed to have as little impact on the environment as possible with various eco-friendly systems into the running of the lodge, including rainwater collection, solar power for lighting and heating water, and a sewage filtration system.

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