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Life in the treetops

The Namunyak Wildlife Conservancy in the north of Kenya, is a dramatic expanse of untouched wilderness in the Mathews mountain range. On these open plains and mountain slopes you’ll find thriving populations of elephants, leopards, reticulated giraffes and wild dogs.

Sarara Treehouses has eight beautiful tents are raised up into the forest canopy, allowing an array of wildlife including elephants and buffalo to roam the forest floor beneath you providing you with the feeling of utmost sanctuary in this ancient forest.

The region is also home to the local Samburu people whose traditions are imprinted on the landscape. Sarara works with the communities to help create a sustainable lifestyle for both the people and wildlife, while granting lucky guests an utterly unforgettable experience.


At a glance

  • Eight luxury treehouses

  • Swimming pool

  • Solar-powered

  • Dedicated guide

Sarara elephants


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    Game drives

    There are 34,000 hectares of wilderness to explore, so head out with a Samburu guide for early morning or late afternoon drives. Keep an eye out for elephants, leopards, giraffes, lesser and greater kudus and hyenas, as well as more elusive creatures like aardvarks, honey badgers and cheetahs.

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    Reteti Elephant Sanctuary

    Take time to visit the first community-owned elephant orphanage in Africa. At Reteti they care for rescued elephant calves before they are released back into the wild. The sanctuary also creates employment for the local people who work there. You’ll be paired with a keeper who will tell you all about the work the sanctuary does, and you will get to watch the elephants being fed and enjoying playtime in the mud.

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    Cultural experiences

    Sarara means the meeting place and at the Singing wells, all the neighboring communities come together to water their wildlife as they sing and catch up on happenings around the community. It's a spectacular culture that you would never want to miss. You can also visit a local village to see local artisans like the blacksmith and beaders.

Community & Culture

There are over 1200 Samburu families who own and manage land within the conservancy. They use it for their livestock, honey gathering and wildlife conservation. There are 68 local wildlife rangers employed to patrol the Afro Montane cloud forest and savannah plains. The money generated by tourism helps build the community.


Hard hit by unchecked hunting in the second half of the 20th century, the elephant and rhino populations were hard hit, and the grasslands became woodlands. But when the community conservation movement began to grow stronger by 1995, communities started to realise that conservation could benefit them. Elephants returned to the now protected valley, grazing the bush back to grassland and opening waterholes. Soon, other wildlife followed. Today the Mathews Range is home to over 4,000 elephants.


Sarara is completely off-grid, with 24-hour solar powered electricity with state-of-the-art Tesla power walls. Food is prepared using produce from the on-site organic garden as well as other regional ingredients.

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