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Exclusive game viewing in the Mara

Situated in the Mara North Conservancy, Offbeat Mara is a small, traditional safari camp overlooking the Olare River. This water source attracts a host of wildlife meaning your game viewing experience begins right on your own deck.

Because the camp works very closely with the local Maasai people, most of their staff come from the nearby communities. What’s more, all of the guides have graduated from the Koiyaki Guiding School and hold KPSGA Silver badges.

The Offbeat Pride can generally found no more than a short distance from camp, and you may even hear them roaring in the Offbeat Valley. In addition to these lions, you’re likely to see cheetahs and leopards as well as plenty of other large and small animals. Its position away from the crowds makes it even more appealing.

At Offbeat Mara you’re treated to excellent guiding, a relaxing atmosphere, welcoming staff, outstanding food and attentive management.


At a glance

  • Seven tents

  • Main tent with dining and bar area

  • Forest deck

  • Library

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    Day and evening game drives

    Being a small camp there is flexibility to extend game drives and include picnics along the way. Evening drives can go until 10pm.

  • Off Beat Mara Camp Masaai Kenya 17

    Guided bush walks

    Join a guide for an informative and fascinating walk through the bush, looking out for interesting plants and animals.

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    Cultural visits

    Take some time to visit a local village where you can browse a market and pop in at a community school (during term time).

Community & Culture

Most of the staff at Offbeat Mara are locals and many were involved in setting up the camp in 2005. In order to ensure future generations are also built up, the camp sponsors Aitong Primary School which sees to the education of 950 children between the ages of six and 15.


Offbeat Mara is one of the founding members of the Mara North Conservancy and is committed to helping preserve this part of the Maasai Mara ecosystem. Your conservancy fee helps to support the monthly Maasai landowners’ lease payments and professional land management. Some of the projects in place focus on controlled grazing, holistic management practices, low-volume and low-impact tourism and community land-use plans.


Offbeat Mara runs completely on solar energy, with a backup hybrid low emissions generator on standby for emergencies. They harvest rainwater for use in the gardens, cooking and cleaning. No wood is harvested from the conservancy and fire wood is sourced from sustainable forestry projects in and around Nairobi. Anything that can be recycled is, and whatever can’t is disposed of correctly.

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