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Lion country

Adjacent to the Masai Mara National Reserve, the 200 square kilometre Mara Naboisho Conservancy is a groundbreaking tourism initiative that benefits both conservation and community.

Spectacular game viewing – cheetahs, elephants and giraffes, the area has one of the highest concentrations of lions in the world – combined with community interaction and the opportunity to join a walking safari has made the conservancy one of the most exciting destinations in Africa.

In the heart of it all is Naboisho Camp, a stylish haven with nine classic safari tents, offering a level of safari solitude almost unheard of so close to the Masai Mara.


At a glance

  • Nine tents including family tent

  • Swimming pool

  • Lounge, dining area and bar

  • Specialist photography vehicle available

Naboisho Dinner setup


  • Naboisho 3 Male lions

    Game drives

    Game drives happen twice per day, once in the morning and again in the late afternoon. All vehicles are fitted with power points and fridges, so you can comfortably cruise around the bush all day.

  • Naboisho Night drive

    Night drives

    A night safari gives guests the opportunity to spot animals that spend the day snoozing. Vehicles are equipped with special spotlights that give you the thrilling experience of watching predators as they stalk their prey.

  • Naboisho camp walking safari elephant 22

    Walking safaris

    There’s nothing like a walking safari for learning about the Mara ecosystem. A passionate and specially trained guide will lead a walk through the savannah, pausing to explain bird and animal behaviour, and how all the small things work together, from termites to dung beetles.

Community & Culture

The camp is located within Naboisho Conservancy and plays a significant role in the conservancy operations by paying monthly conservancy lease, and bed night fees to the Maasai landowners.

Through its mother company Asilia, the camp is currently sponsoring a livestock grazing plan project where the local people are sensitized on sustainable grazing and livestock model based on rotationally land use grazing plans. There is also an awareness creation and mentoring program for nearby schools (Olesere and Mbitin primary schools) whereby students are offered game drives and classes on wildlife and nature conservation issues.

The camp purchases from the locals where possible and appproximately 70% of the staff is also from the local Maasai community.


The camp partners with the conservancy on wildlife monitoring initiatives. This includes the Mara Predator and Mara Cheetah projects, involving visitors and guides to monitor the cats, record sightings and other information for the projects.


Asilia, which has been carbon neutral since 2009, runs sustainable operations by installing solar power systems and solar water boilers in its camps. Their carbon offsetting includes safari vehicles, their global offices’ electricity usage and even international flights taken by management. They have reduced their plastic waste by 63% over the last four years. Instead of plastic bottles, guests are given personalized stainless steel bottles. They eliminated single-use plastics in 2018 and even cling film and earbuds are not allowed in camp.

Naboisho Camp is built with a low environmental footprint and blends in with the local surrounding with minimized footprint. The camp is mainly powered by solar energy which is fixed with a power inverter battery system. They also utilize sustainable water and waste management processes.

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