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A cathedral to nature

Located on a scenic plateau, the lodge features breathtaking views of the surrounding forested mountains. It seems incredible that such a wild and remote site could even be associated with a city, yet Mashpi actually lies within the District of Quito – the capital of Ecuador.

The design and style enables total immersion through its floor-to-ceiling panoramic glass windows. Like a cathedral to the natural world, Mashpi is a perfect blend of luxurious comfort and engagement with one of the world’s most stunning ecosystems.

Being a former lumber mill, Mashpi Lodge was built using the latest techniques in sustainable construction in order to prevent damage to the forest. It is designed to blend in perfectly with its natural environment, respecting the natural space it occupies. Mashpi Lodge makes for a true cocoon of comfort in the middle of the rainforest.


At a glance

  • 24 luxury rooms

  • Spa

  • library

Mashpi lodge landscape

Activities & Experiences

  • Mashpi Lodge Tree frog

    Conservation projects

    The laboratory is the home of investigation projects that are carried out within the Mashpi Reserve, manned by our resident Wildlife Project Coordinator. Here, both young and old can learn more about past and ongoing scientific projects that are carried out by our team and guest researchers

  • Mashpi Lodge Bird watching

    Bird watching

    Grab your binoculars and scroll down to spot some birds from the terrace. The lodge’s open-air terrace provides a perfect spot to enjoy splendid views and relax to the sounds of the forest and its inhabitants that flutter within touching distance.

  • Mashpi Lodge 4

    Discover the reserve

    Experience and cherish the 3,200-acre Mashpi Reserve. From the roots of the trees all the way up and over the canopy, guests will always be accompanied by experienced and insightful guides, most of which grew up playing around inside these same forests.


Mashpi Lodge is far more than just a five-star hotel in an exquisite location: you are accessing a research station that is at the forefront of rainforest protection, the Mashpi Reserve. The final goal of this whole project is to bolster both the importance of research and enrich the knowledge of the lodge’s surrounding ecosystem. This knowledge is then shared with local communities, guests and the world at large, all with the aim of underlining the importance of conserving this fragile and fascinating bio-region.

Community & Culture

From the start the lodge has worked hand-in-hand with those living in the areas surrounding the reserve, implementing an innovative program in which they, as well as Lodge employees, become shareholders in the enterprise. Mashpi offers numerous job opportunities for members of the neighbouring communities including professional training and English classes. Many of the guides, lodge staff and the team of para-biologists, for used to work as hunters, loggers or miners on the same land during the days before the project. Their relationship with Mashpi, in this sense, is truly transformative.

And Mashpi takes it one step further: the communities are also the primary providers of agricultural and other food products and supplies that are used at the lodge.


The Lodge was sustainably built offsite with much of the structure having been preassembled in Quito and designed around the topography of the site to prevent further damage to the trees. The lodge runs on hydroelectric power and uses recycled water from local rivers and guests are encouraged to be eco-conscious during there stay and minimise there electrical use.

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