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Luxury in Linyanti

Like its nearby larger sister camp DumaTau, Little DumaTau lies between two elephant corridors in the Linyanti Wildlife Reserve in Botswana’s far north, with unique access to both the Linyanti River floodplain and the Savuti Channel with the exceptional diversity of habitats and wildlife.

The camp has just four sophisticated and supremely spacious guest suites – each with their own lounge, plunge pool, bathroom with indoor and outdoor showers – found set at the water’s edge with uninterrupted views over Osprey Lagoon.

Little DumaTau has a its own shared main dining and lounge area boasting wide-angle vistas, while sharing both a wonderful wellness and glorious wildlife traffic moving calmly through camp as its sister.


At a glance

  • Four suites with plunge pools

  • Dining area and lounge

  • Access to wellness centre and gym

  • Solar powered

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    Game drives

    Game drives reveal the rich wildlife of the area. Linyanti is well known for its elephant concentrations as herds congregate along the waterways and lagoons during the dry winter months, as well good sightings of red lechwes, Burchell's zebra, giraffes, buffalos, lions, leopards, cheetahs and African wild dogs.

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    Night drives

    Night drives with spotlights allow you to find those mysterious nocturnal animals. These often include owls, aardwolf, serval, large spotted genet and, if you are extremely lucky, leopards on the prowl.

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    Discover the beautiful Linyanti by barge or boat, the former being perfect for picnics or sundowners. The stunning river views provide a magnificent backdrop while searching out the spectacular birdlife that thrives in the channels.


DumaTau is situated between two important elephant ‘corridors’, with the many other species passing through seasonally, requires sensitive conservation initiatives that contribute to the sustainability of wildlife, as well as the area itself. The camp aims to be an example of how a luxury safari camp can have a light ecological footprint without compromising the guest experience – and to make a positive contribution to local conservation initiatives.

Little DumaTau is committed to elephant research and the mitigation of human-wildlife conflict within the Kavango-Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area, an enormous area that spans borders and is thus pivotal for migratory megafauna conservation. The camp also works closely with local authorities to ensure the conservation of wildlife in the area. It supports dedicated conservation and research focused on species on the IUCN Red List such as the African wild dog, elephant, lion and roan antelope.


In keeping with Wilderness’ objective of reducing energy consumption and fuel use at all its camps, this camp is 100% solar powered, with electricity and hot water provided via solar panels and inverters. Waste water (sewage and grey water) is treated in an above ground sewage plant, ensuring that the water is clean before being allowed to enter the natural environment. In order to reduce our use of bottled water, reverse osmosis filtration is done on site to provide guests with high-quality drinking water. Like all Wilderness camps, this is managed and monitored against very strict in-house environmental standards, so only approved eco-friendly detergents and chemicals are used.

Wilderness Safaris endeavours to use food that is locally grown in a sustainable manner, minimising our foodprint substantially. Locally farmed and produced products are sourced wherever possible. DumaTau use mostly local items on camp menus, with all our products coming from southern Africa. In order to meet this goal and aid in the conservation of elephants, Wilderness Safaris has partnered with the Ecoexist Trust – a small not-for-profit NGO that supports the lives and livelihoods of local farmers who share space with elephants. Ecoexist takes a holistic approach to find practical, affordable, and lasting ways for people and elephants to coexist, ultimately, providing a model for conservation.

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