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Kopje views

Lamai Serengeti is tucked amongst the rocks of Kogakuria Kopje with panoramic views of the northern Serengeti, only a few miles from where the wildebeest cross the Mara River.

Each of the eight open-fronted canvas and plaster rooms is designed to fit into the complex geometry of the kopje, making the most of this sensational location, its views and its natural space and light.

The main mess area has plenty of space to lounge, a bar and dining area, with adjoining map room and swimming pool.

For roughly a quarter of the year, between late July and October, you'll find the migration below. For the rest of the year, it is wild Serengeti with all the resident game of the Masai Mara but without the people.


At a glance

  • Eight rooms

  • Swimming pool

  • Bar and dining area

  • Map room and library

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  • Lamai Serengeti Rhino

    Game drives

    Explore the Northern Serengeti with our fabulous and very experienced guides. Game drives allow you to get closer to the big game and cover greater distances so that you can explore further afield in this beautiful part of the Serengeti.

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    Walking safari

    Walking in the bush gives you the chance to really learn about the intricacies of the African bush - to taste, touch, smell and feel Africa. You don't get as up close and personal to the big game, but you do meet the little guys, all equally important in the grand scheme of things. At times of year when the grass can be a bit higher walking is sometimes not possible (typically between January - March and June).

Community & Culture

Nomad was founded on the belief that to make a meaningful contribution to the conservation of wildlife, the needs of people must also be considered, making sure that it is they feel the benefit from keeping wild places safe. Nomad uses their reach and logistics – planes, cars, camps and teams – to reach deep into some of the most remote parts of Tanzania with health and education outreach.

Villages on the outskirts of national parks are often supporting their communities with little resources and run-down facilities, and Merenga, located on the northwestern border of the Serengeti, is no different. With some camp staff members originating from the area, Nomad supports its school and 1000+ students by improving their learning environment, as well as support the clinic with urgently needed medical supplies. Currently, they are building an extra block of toilets in the school, supplying educational resources, and helping stock the clinic with medicines.


Nomad was among the first operators to support the Serengeti De-Snaring conservation program. The Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS) led project sends a team or rangers out to find poachers’ camps and remove wire snares from the Serengeti ecosystem, with just one team collecting nearly 10,000 snares in their first year of operation. Donations from each bed night as well from shop and massage profits have added up to around $10,000 a year, helping make a serious dent on the illegal trapping and poaching of wildlife in this significant ecosystem.

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