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Located in a river bend within Kenya's Maasai Mara National Reserve, Emboo River is a forward-thinking camp offering a unique safari experience that combines a luxurious, relaxed safari that’s also educational, community-focused and completely sustainable.

Emboo River is one of the greenest camps in Kenya as the first carbon neutral lodge in the region. The team applies innovation and technology in order to elevate your stay, empower the community and restore this important ecosystem. It runs almost entirely off grid with the Mara’s first solar-charged electric vehicles and grows its own organic food in their hydroponic garden.

Six chic tents open fully to views over the river – a scene shared from outdoor rains showers and the natural water swimming pool. For an even more luxurious and spacious stay, enjoy one of two exclusive River Suites; or for those looking for the perfect working abroad set-up, check out the River Studio.

Inside the reserve and unfenced, watch hippos wallow in the water below and see elephants wander through. Hop in the silent Land Cruisers and find yourself immediately on safari, with leopard and cheetah spotted daily around the camp. You’ll be guided by a Maasai team led by Emboo’s manager, William Santian, himself one of the Mara’s top trackers.


At a glance

  • Six River Rooms, two River Suites, one River Studio

  • Natural water swimming pool

  • Hydroponic garden

  • Silent and solar powered electric safari vehicles

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  • Emboo River Camp 6

    Game drives

    Game drives start as soon as you jump into one of the camp's all-electric safari vehicles because of its central location in the Maasai Mara National Reserve. Wildlife to be spotted includes the well known 'Big Five' - elephant, lion, leopard, rhinoceros and buffalo - as well as dozens of other species such as giraffe, cheetah, wildebeest and much more. Thanks to the silent vehicles, embrace the sounds of nature and enjoy the scents of the grasslands.

  • Maasai community by the Emboo River, showcasing traditional Maasai life

    Maasai culture

    During your stay at Emboo River you will have plenty of opportunities to learn about the culture, history and day-to-day life of the Maasai tribe. While at the camp, you will meet Emboo River's team members from the Maasai community as well as have a chance to visit their Maasai neighbours. In the evenings gather around the campfire to listen to Maasai tales and learn about their culture and history through spectacular performances.

  • Emboo river ballooning

    Hot air ballooning

    Watch the sun rise over the Maasai Mara, feel the first warm rays of sunlight on your skin and spot animals from the sky. A balloon safari over the Maasai Mara is an extraordinary experience. This unique moment is followed by a delicious fresh breakfast in the savannah.

Community & Culture

Emboo River’s daily operations are led by Owner and General Manager, William Partois Ole Santian. Being a Maasai himself, William has a deep understanding of the Maasai community and its culture. Over the years William worked his way up from a night guard to a guide to a manager and currently to an owner of a camp.

The team consists of highly motivated and talented staff, almost exclusively from within the local community while also challenging gender bias and inequality in a male dominated industry. From weavers to welders, Emboo River also offers indirect employment opportunities by partnering with local artisans and businesses.


Emboo River operates as a ‘closed loop system’ independent of external factors, such as water trucks shipping in fresh water every other day, generators for power, fuel for vehicles. Instead, everything needed is found locally within the Maasai Mara.

The camp is entirely solar powered as are, in a first for the Mara, the game drive vehicles, making for an almost silent safari.

Emboo River has two organic gardens, including a hydroponic set up allowing them to grow plants while limiting the use of soil and water. The gardens produce vegetables, fruits and herbs, while honey is harvested from its traditional beehives.

Fresh drinking water is sourced from a local women-led project from Friends of the Mara, a community-based organization, where borehole water is cleaned through solar powered technology. Additionally, all Emboo River's grey and black water is filtered, cleaned and re-oxygenated before being moved to a recycled water tank to be used for toilets, the workshop and other non potable uses.

To visit Emboo River and to explore the beauty of the Maasai Mara, guest need to travel via air or road. To offset the carbon dioxide emissions created by this transport, Emboo River started a Tree Planting project where guests can plant two trees to compensate for the impact of their travel. The trees planted are indigenous and are known for absorbing carbon. On top of this ‘carbon farming’, Emboo River also plants indigenous trees for the purpose of reforestation.

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