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Secluded forest retreat

Located beside the River Cristalino, within a private forest reserve in the southern part of the Brazilian Amazon region, Cristalino Lodge has been carefully designed to integrate harmoniously with the surrounding jungle.

The Lodge has 18 rooms within four different categories ranging from superior rooms to independent bungalows. All of the buildings have been designed to have minimal impact on the environment. The wooden structures provide a natural ventilation system using the breeze of the forest, while large windows made of glass or stainless-steel nets allow you to look out into the forest from your bedroom.

Enjoy buffest style Brazilian cuisine made up of organically grown fruits and vegetables, fresh fish and a variety of meats, accompanied by stunning views of the forest. Indulge in a cocktail in the lodge’s bar by an open fire, built around sculptured rock formations.


At a glance

  • 18 rooms and private bungalows

  • Restaurant and bar

  • Floating sun deck

  • Reading room

Cristalino Lodge Brazil deck


  • Cristalino Lodge Brazil canoe


    The tranquil waters of the River Cristalino are perfect for canoeing, and the hotel provides comfortable safety equipment. Glide silently along the river taking in the scenery, and sww what local wildlife you can spot such as the capped heron, tiger heron, and white-whiskered spider monkeys.

  • Cristalino Lodge Brazil hiking


    Nature hikes along the 30 km (18.5 mi) of trails within the reserve, in small groups, provide an understanding of the tropical ecosystem. Alta Floresta is considered by many ornithologists as one of the most diverse destinations for birdwatching in the entire Amazon and your naturalist guides will lead you on trails of discovery exploring the area and the wildlife.

  • Cristalino Lodge Brazil tower

    Observation Towers

    For a truly unique Amazon experience, you must not miss out on a visit to one of the Observation Towers. Cristalino Lodge has two 50-meter (165 feet) towers located at different strategic spots within the reserve. There are platforms at different forest levels, you can appreciate the varied layers, as well as enjoy spectacular views from above the canopy, with an endless sea of green stretching away from below your feet.

Community & Culture

Human development has to occur in harmony with the sustainable use of natural resources. Therefore, making conservation feasible in the Amazon region needs to take into consideration the needs for the native population. Through education and the quest for sustainable economic activities, it is possible to obtain results that are favorable for human development. That is why the ecolodge supports a variety of regional projects, such as A Day In The Forest, Young Conservationist, research and theatrical programs, through the Cristalino Foundation.


The preservation of primary forest has been made possible by the Cristalino Lodge’s responsible tourism practices. The lodge directly preserves 28,167 acres (44 square miles), an area six times larger than Fernando de Noronha Archipelago or 1.3 times larger than Manhattan Island, USA. Additionally, Cristalino Lodge has been supporting the Cristalino Foundation in its initiatives geared to environmental education, human development, creating economic alternatives for the local population, minimizing environmental impacts, research and sustainability in the region.


Cristalino Lodge has a variety of initiatives in place to ensure their lodge is run as responsibly as possibly. Rooms are powered by photovoltaic panels, generating 2.3 MW per month, and reducing CO2 emissions in the environment. Inorganic waste is recycled and separated (aluminium, plastic, metal, and paper). Grey effluent is treated – wastewater from the sink and shower - using a permaculture system. Black effluent is treated – wastewater from the toilet - using layers of filters and an evapotranspiration basin.

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