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Rewilding the outback

Five hours north of Adelaide by road, surrounded by the rugged Flinders Range, Arkaba’s 24,000-hectare outback conservancy and historic homestead make for one of Australia’s most exclusive properties. It’s also the setting a pioneering rewilding project.

The beautifully restored homestead dates back to the 1850s, with its four bedrooms blending original character with chic contemporary touches. A coachmen’s cottage provides a more private setting for honeymooners. The experience is outstanding yet still down-to-earth.

Outside find an ancient landscape of red rock mountains, green valleys, cypress pines and river red gums where kangaroos, emus and colonies of yellow-footed rock wallaby roam free alongside some 300 bird species and endemic plant life. During a stay, explore the reserve on game drives and nature walks with expert guides, learn about the indigenous Adnamatna culture from an elder and see conservation in action as the team here restore the landscape after 150 years of livestock grazing.


At a glance

  • Five rooms

  • Swimming pool

  • Hosted dinners with field guides

  • Library

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    Game drives

    Get an Australian take on safari as you explore the vastness of Arkaba’s private conservancy on an open-top 4WD safari. High ranges, plateaus, gorges, valleys and creek lines provide a huge variety of habitat for wildlife and on any given day a game drive will reveal Arkaba’s hidden treasures.

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    Walking safaris

    Get a more intimate perspective of Arkaba’s magnificent wilderness on an included walking safari. Expert field guides pull together the incredible geological history, wildlife and pastoral heritage of this region that will deepen your connection with the land.

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    Learn about the challenges Australia faces in saving its biodiversity and join one of Arkaba’s field guides on conservation activities for an enhanced the wilderness experience with impact.

Community & Culture

Arkaba works with up to 50 local businesses, from commissioning local artists to exclusively sourcing food and wine from South Australian producers and employing local service providers in nearby remote rural communities.

Interpretive walks hosted by an Adnyamathanha Aboriginal elder reveal a history that spans tens of thousands of years. Additionally 150 years of pioneering settlement history is conserved in the 1851 Arkaba homestead and woolshed. Both buildings have been lovingly restored, complete with interior décor and artwork by renowned local wildlife illustrator, Rosemary Woodford-Ganf. Arkaba Homestead’s traditional English style garden has recently been replaced with a landscape designed to take travellers back to the regions indigenous roots.


The Arkaba Conservancy offers a symbiotic partnership between tourism and conservation to restore and preserve this ecologically significant Australian landscape, with conservation programs reversing the effects of 150 years of livestock grazing, restoring the natural habitat and protecting rare and endangered species on one of Australia’s most beautiful rural properties.

Since 2013 over 3000 feral goats and hundreds of foxes and feral cats have been removed and the rabbit population has been greatly reduced. This has eased the destruction of native vegetation and, in turn, the competitive grazing pressure on native animals.

The results are exciting, with the re-establishment of two flourishing colonies of near-threatened yellow-footed rock wallabies, the sighting of a hitherto regionally extinct brush-tailed possum and a western quoll – locally extinct in South Australia for 100 years. Ground-dwelling birds have seen a marked resurgence, with a dramatic increase in fledgling survival rates. The removal of sheep has also seen native plant species re-establish themselves.


Arkaba has adopted a ‘buy local’ principle and our head chef uses the very best of South Australia’s produce to craft the food program with a few native elements to add a unique intrigue and interest.

Each aspect of Arkaba’s tourism offering, from energy usage to waste disposal, choice of linen, recycling of bottles and the use of eco-certified cleaning materials have been carefully planned to minimize impact on the land.

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