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Untouched Paradise

Madagascar is known as one of the last remaining unspoilt oases on the planet and Anjajavy is a prime example of this. Set within its upon its own nature reserve on the peninsula the lodge is surrounded by a botanical paradise.

Located off the beaten track, the lodge is only accessible by a small plane or boat, giving you a sense of being at the edge of the world. Anjajavy l'Hôtel consists of 25 beautiful ensemble of rosewood villas scattered over the long sandy beach on the Mozambique Channel. All the villas offer complete luxury whilst still being well connected to the pristine nature around them. So you can enjoy the sun setting over the sea from the comfort of your own terrace.

The peninsula not only offers stunning white sandy beaches to relax on, but also some amazing walks to discover more of Madagascar’s deserted creeks, little fishing villages and incredible wilderness.


At a glance

  • 25 Beachfront Villas

  • Swimming Pool

  • Restuarant

  • Private Reserve

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  • Anjajavy Caves

    Visit the Caves

    It’s a relatively short drive from the lodge to the Cave of Saklava, where you can descend and explore an underworld of stalagmites and stalactites, as well as encounter various species of bats.

  • Local community interaction in Anjajavy.

    Cultural Visits

    Since the lodge works in such close cooperation with the local people, you can be assured of a warm welcome. The village of Ambodro Ampasy can be reached by motorboat or pirogue. You can visit the local dispensary and the primary school, built by the non-profit Ecole du Monde, as well as a handicraft shop established by the Association of the Friends of Anjajavy.

  • Anjaajavy Madagascar wildife tour

    Wildlife Walks

    The surrounding reserve is home to some of the most exciting flora and fauna including lemurs, chameleons, tortoises, humming birds, cocoa, vanilla, ylang-ylang, papyrus and carnivorous plants.


Known for having a high level of endemism, Anjajavy plays a dynamic role in conservation considered by experts as a success story. Along this coast, a strip of sea 400 meters long has been protected from fishing and hunting since the construction of Anjajavy le Lodge in 2000, and since April 2018, by the decree of final protection of the Anjajavy Protected Area

A shining example of the hotel's contribution to local conservation is the Madagascan giant tortoise reintroduction program. Sadly, the two species of Giant tortoise that used to roam Madagascar are now gone and this loss had a serious effect on the island's ecosystem. However, in 2019 Dr Miguel Pedrono and the island’s Government hatched an ambitious plan to reintroduce the neighboring Giant tortoise from Aldabra Atoll. Working with Anjajavy le Lodge, they selected the hotel’s recently expanded Protected Area as the ideal site. 12 tortoises have been fitted with transponders and moved to Anjajavy. The project is Madagascar’s first such program and has attracted the attention of conservation experts globally. It also offers the first opportunity to study the ecology of living Madagascan megafauna, rather than fossil remains - raising the exciting prospect of discovering previously unknown ecological functions.

Community & Culture

The lodge’s outreach programs ensure prosperity for all. The local Anjajavy Secondary School was built in Anjajavy village with the help of donations from the lodge’s clients and plays a key role in fostering sustainable practices from a young age with exhibitions and seminars relating to the region’s unique but fragile biodiversity. In addition, the lodge is a major employer and source of revenue for local communities; by only employing local Malagasy staff, the lodge offers an economic alternative for local communities, securing the support of the region’s indigenous people while educating them on contemporary environmental protection.

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